San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Coast

San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Coast

When the gold-diggers had passed through Nicaragua they came to the little harbor San Juan del Sur, where boats were waiting to take them to California. Now it is a sleepy and cozy little fishing village, very popular among tourist that does not like the big luxury facilities. Many small hotels and restaurants have been opened, also by foreigners that “has not found a good enough reason for leaving”. In the center of the village there is a long beach, sheltered from the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

See the turtles

During some months, from November, thousands of sea turtles comes to the beaches north and south of San Juan del Sur to spawn. Spending a night there can be an unforgettable spectacle. I witnessed when hundreds of small sea turtles was hatching and struggled up from the sand and headed for the sea.

Take a swim in the Pacific

There are several small villages all along the Pacific Coast where you can take a swim or just sit and watch the waves rolling in. If you are into a little bit of luxury then you’ll go to Barceló Montelimar, just one hour by car from Managua. It is a five star resort; food, drink, beer, wine, rum, sports activities are all included in the price. When one has been creeping up volcanoes and crawling through the jungle, it can be nice to relax a few days by the pool-bar, reach out with the hand and say “una piña colada, por favor”.