Managua, the Capital of Nicaragua

Managua, the Capital of Nicaragua

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There you can stand at the side of a huge statue of Sandino and look out over the whole of Managua and the Managua Lake. The ruin of the old cathedral, is were the downtown once was. It is partly restored and equipped with an interesting sound and light show. Alongside is the old National Palace, beautifully restored and converted into a cultural center. Here you will also find the modern Rubén Darío Theatre and the Presidential Palace.

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If you are visiting the area during a weekend you absolutely have to take a stroll along the seafront. It is boiling with street life, as whole families are out walking, eating and riding on the roundabout.

The oldest findings are conserved in the museum of Acahualinca. Those are footprints from people who 6.000 years ago was fleeing from a volcano eruption.

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If you want to go shopping I can recommend the Roberto Huembes market, among other things they have a big area with handicraft. There are several galleries in Managua for those interested in art.