San Pedro Sula: The Industrial Capital

San Pedro Sula: The Industrial Capital

Located in the region of the magnificent Merendon Mountains, San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in all of Honduras. Only 60km south of Puerto Cortez along the Caribbean Sea, San Pedro Sula is known as the Industrial Capital of Honduras. It is home to several cigar and clothing factories, as well as the major airport, San Pedro Sula International. It was first founded on June 27, 1536 by Pedro de Alvarado, but didn’t officially become a “city” until August the 8th, 2002, although by that time there were already nearly a half a million people calling it home.

The Scoop on San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is a great destination for tons of different reasons, but probably the biggest advantage of the city is its convenience and location. It’s large enough to offer access to just about anything you’ll need, and it makes a great base camp for exploring all of Honduras. Within San Pedro Sula, you’ll find a stadium, where you can join in on the country’s favorite past-time, soccer. Or, you can set out to take in the sights offered by the beautiful cathedral of San Pedro Sula. There’s also plenty of eating and shopping to be done. There’s a wide variety of restaurants, each offering a diversity of local, international and ethnic flavors.


When you’re ready to pick up some souvenirs, you can find all the leather goods and keepsakes you could imagine. Or, if you prefer the market experience, there are two great options: Casa del Sol or the Gaumilito Market. Casa del Sol is a smaller market area, with smaller shops but offering goods of superior craftsmanship. The Gaumilito Market is often considered to be the best source for keepsakes, mementos and souvenirs. There are plenty of vendors and as many goods as you could hope to buy. And, to top off your stay in San Pedro Sula, there’s also the local museum of history and archeology where you can feast your eyes on ancient, Pre-Columbian artifacts. And these are just the things to keep you busy inside of San Pedro Sula!

Nearby Excursions

If you’ll be staying long enough to take in all that San Pedro Sula has to offer, and you’re looking for more to keep you entertained, you won’t be disappointed. There are several nearby locations that will be sure to capture your sense of imagination and adventure. You can opt for the nearby El Cusuco National Cloud Forest Park, nestled in the Merendon Mountain range. It’s famous for being the home to the rare and elusive quetzal bird. Or, you can head over to Omoa to discover the San Fernando de Omoa Fortress, for a chance to walk into times long past, when buccaneers roamed throughout the Caribbean Sea, wrecking and ravaging coastal cities, villages and ships. And if you still have even more time, there are plenty of local tour guides to help you uncover even more exotic and exciting destinations.

Whether you’re captivated by the thought of journeying through mystical cloud forests or reliving the past, filled with buccaneers and dangerous bounty and booty on ships sailing to ports unknown, there’s plenty of magic and mystery to be found in San Pedro Sula.