Guanaja: An Island Paradise

Guanaja: An Island Paradise

If you are seeking a land where the world is far away, and roads and traffic have not yet managed to penetrate the pristine wilderness, you’d do well to head to the beautiful Bay Island of Guanaja. Forty miles from the coast of Honduras, this island is sought out by the influential and affluent from all across the world. The rich and famous, movie stars, musicians and corporate geniuses all hail here to relax in the beauty of sun, coral reefs and white sand beaches. And it isn’t simply the rich and famous which are drawn here to this paradise. Divers hail here from across the planet, in search of the amazing beauty of the reefs and waters just beyond the coastline. A little pricier than other Bay Islands, the beauty and opulence is well worth the extra expense.

Guanaja: Past and Present Perils

The Bay Islands had largely remained safe from the intrusion of outside influences until July 30, 1502 when Christopher Columbus visited the island on his fourth and final excursion to the New World. After his arrival, and the arrival of other Spanish settlers, the island began to experience some of the dangers and threats known to the region. Piracy was a big problem faced by one and all. The island was also known by the name, “Isle of Pines”, and many of these towering trees would later serve as the masts for pirate ships that would ravage the coasts, offering death and destruction in their wake. One of the most famous of all pirates, Blackbeard is rumored to have had a mooring place at the local Dunbar Rock. But even with the passing of the age of pirates, danger still threatened the coastline. In the fall of 1998, Hurricane Mitch devastated the island, stalling above it for two days and ripping across the land with winds of up to 180mph. While much of the land has recovered from this natural disaster, some evidence of its destruction still exists.

Exciting Excursions in Guanaja

For such a small island, Guanaja has a lot to offer. However, the island is completely free of such modern conveniences like roads. All the traveling you’ll do will be done by one of three ways: bike, boat or boot. But what would simply be an inconvenience anywhere else is transformed into a charming quirk on this beautiful isle. Each day offers a new adventure. You can go diving, kayaking, fishing or snorkeling. Hit the trail and hike your way to one of the islands amazing waterfalls. You can set out to discover the unique stilted town of Bonacca, or one of the other villages, Savannah Bight or Mangrove Bight. Later, you can wind up the afternoon with a little sailing, wind surfing, water skiing or horseback riding. And for the serious adventurer, you can find some seriously remote jungle for wilderness camping or other intrepid outings.

For the Famous or Anonymous

Guanaja is a favorite destination for both the famous and the nameless. Whether your filthy rich or of more modest means, the sun is just as bright and the air is just as fresh. As of yet, the island hasn’t become overcrowded with travelers and tourists, so it still possesses a great deal of the charm and authenticity of an undiscovered treasure. For anyone who wishes to uncover the beauty and wonder of the Bay Islands, Guanaja offers all of that and much, much more.