Christmas in Honduras

Christmas in Honduras

Christmas in Central America is felt with aroma and affection. Aroma of food very seasoned with extreme care and affections of the Creole ancestral. The tamale: potato, rice, corn mass of two colors with achiote, olives, capers, chickpeas, chicken or pig and clove. Yoreñases among candy with breadcrumbs sweet, greens and chili, French toasts, papaya or wizcoyol in honey, coffee and eggnog.

In the department of Yoro, as well as in other cities as Comayagua, they make leave carpets of pine that aromatize the houses. There are parties all over Honduras. In Utila, in the department of Bay Islands, we have a New Year party by the sea. Backpackers and tourists in general from of all of the continents meet to celebrate the passing of the old year and the coming of the new.

Christmas is the time of rebirth; the nature and hospitality of Honduras are waiting for you! Bring rain clothing because it generally rains at night, but during the day the sun shines!

Garifuna Christmas in Honduras

Christmas in Honduras is great for those that want to get away from the entire North American or European hullabaloo. Here one hears the occasional Jingle Bells or Feliz Navidad, but not ad nauseum, it is, however, party time. The churches, of course, celebrate with masses, services and choirs; the restaurants and hotels with special dinners. In the Garifuna villages Christmas gets into full swing on the 24th, with wonderful drumming by the men, while the women perform traditional dances all night. Everyone joins in and it turns into a big party on the 25th and culminating on the 26th with Joncunu, where the young men, masked and costumed in black and white, go from door to door coercing onlookers and dancing the wanaragua till they drop.

This is a particularly good time to visit La Ceiba, as the Tourist Season is not yet in full swing and you are welcomed with open arms. All the services are at place, but with the flights, buses and hotels not yet full. You are able to do, see and experience the utmost, but with the least of frustration and at bargain prices.

The weather is warm and blustery, keeping the rain at bay and making hiking, and possibly camping, overnight in the fantastic Pico Bonito National Park a sheer joy. The water level in the Rio Cangrejal is normally pretty high, so the rafting is exciting for both experienced and novice rafters. For the flora and fauna lovers, a visit to Cacao Lagoon in a dugout canoe through the mangroves and lunching on the freshest seafood imaginable in a Garifuna village is recommendable. Then ending with a hike and a swim in the beautiful Rio Maria waterfalls is an unforgettable way to celebrate Christmas.

We at Jungle River will show you the best in our area, our guides are knowledgeable, local people who will do their utmost to ensure that you have the kind of Christmas that pleases you the most.