Fronteras, a Piece of Paradise

Fronteras, a Piece of Paradise

The entire region is not only beautiful, but rich in history and culture. Few people realize it, but in March 10, 1524, Gil Gonzales de Avila left from Santo Domingo with three hundred men, five hundred horses and some ladies and sailed towards the Golfo Dulce and arrived late in the month. He settled down and created the first colony, San Gil de Buenavista only five years after Cortes reached Mexico, making San Gil de Buenavista the oldest known Europeans settlement in the entire country of Guatemala!

Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal

You can’t go to Fronteras without setting out to discover the Rio Dulce and Lago Izabal. In fact, Fronteras emerges where the road into the Peten (coming from Guatemala City) crosses the beautiful river and is nestled about 2 kilometers away from the eastern end of the lake. Rio Dulce, whose name translates into “Sweet River”, is a popular hotspot in the area for local tourists and attractions. Lake Izabal is the largest lake in all of Guatemala. She serves as a basin for all of the water that flows in from both the north and the east. Due to this constant influx of water (and conditions like rain, storms and flooding) the shoreline of Lago Izabal can change quite often. Along the western edge of the lake you can find tributaries through some of the most enchanting and amazing mangroves and swamps and be greeted throughout your journeys by the curious and quite loud howler monkeys.

The Beauty of Exploration

Within easy reach to anyone who visits Fronteras there are dozens of exciting sights to see, if only you’re willing to look. You can canoe your way over to the nearby beautiful Boqueron Canyon, a breathtaking four hundred foot gorge that will capture your imagination. You can set out to visit some of the local Mayan villages, or navigate your way to the Castillo de San Pelipe. Here, you can view the mighty fortress the Spaniards built to protect themselves from ravaging pirates. There are manatee reserves, nature walks and also one of the most unique phenomena in the natural world – a hot water waterfall. This exotic tropical waterfall is located on a nearby farm, quite rightly labeled Finca El Paraiso or Paradise Farm. Here you’ll be able to stand beneath the warm falls, bathe in soothing pools or explore the local natural steam caves that are surrounded by the areas vital and mysterious jungle.

Memories for a Lifetime

Regardless of what adventures you set out on or what sights you decide to explore, your stay in Fronteras will leave you with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Bring a good camera, a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore and you could spend a lot of time in the Fronteras region without getting bored. And with affordable local hotels, and plenty of “lanchas” (Speedboats) to get you around, you’re never far away from the extraordinary.