The Beaches of Costa del Sol

The Beaches of Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is a gem in the setting of El Salvador’s many treasures. Hosting sailing, fishing and other water sport activities, the area is also home to celebrations, festivities and fine dining opportunities. Come along an experience the Coast of the Sun!

Beaches, Sailing and Fishing

Costa del Sol is located at Kilometer 66, southwest of the capital San Salvador and in the department of La Paz. The area known as Costa del Sol is in reality divided into three beaches: San Marcelino, Los Blancos and Costa del Sol. Costa del Sol offers the most diverse hotel infrastructure and also has the most specialized areas for practicing sailing and fishing. The sand in Costa del Sol is different to the sand found elsewhere, since it is lighter gray in shade.

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Through the Mangrove Forest

The Jaltepeque estuary is located at Kilometer 56 from the capital city when traveling through the Costa del Sol highway and has two river mouths: Cordoncillo and Tasajera. It is also one of the 125 protected areas in El Salvador, with an extension of 28 kilometers which serves as a home to numerous birds and varieties of mollusks.

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One of the most recommended activities at the estuary is to embark on one of the many boats offering their services for hire at a place called La Puntilla. A three hour round trip can cost up to $50 for as many as 12 people. The boat will take you through the mangrove forest and to the beautiful place where the Rio Lempa meets the ocean. Rio Lempa is the longest river of El Salvador.

Tasajera Island offers Feaches, Fish and Shrimp

The island Tasajera also has many beaches where you will rarely find other people; one of them is called “Los Negros”. In Tasajera you will find some cheap yet clean small comedores, or restaurants, where you can enjoy really good seafood like fish, shrimp and shrimp and sea shell (conchas) cocktails.

It is advisable for you to carry some insect repellent, especially during the dry season (November – March) as there may well be a good number of mosquitoes.

Taste the Pupusas of Olocuilta

On the road from San Salvador, that takes you to the International airport of Comalapa, once you reach Kilometer 28 you will find one of the most famous places – if you’re craving our national traditional snack: pupusas. It’s the town of Olocuilta. Pupusas are corn made tortillas, pan fried and filled with cheese, beans and pork. But Olocuilta is also famous for their rice dough pupusas and the place is generally packed with people coming and going to the airport.

At Kilometer 51 on the road to Costa del Sol you’ll find the first and biggest water park in El Salvador: Atlantis. The park has its own wave pool and motorbike rental.


Costa del Sol is one of the most visited beaches during vacations, especially Semana Santa (Easter week) and August (when El Salvadorians celebrate their patron Saint festivities in honor of El Salvador del Mundo). This means that many beach parties are organized during the days these national vacations last. In fact, many bars and restaurants have started closing their doors in the capital city during these days in order to move to the beach where thousands of thirsty Salvadorans come looking for cold drinks, music and the typical ambient of beach parties.

During these vacation periods, as well as all throughout the year, many of the hotels in Costa del Sol offer weekend packages where for one tariff only, you may enjoy the accommodations, food, drinks and live bands playing during day and night.