Costa Rica a Natural Beauty

Costa Rica a Natural Beauty

Costa Rica offers innumerable beauties and adventures to the tourist. Logically, the fact that it is one of the oldest and more stable democracies of America, gives to the tourist security and tranquillity. In Costa Rica you can breathe a climate of peace in all the territory. The best thing of our country is its people, warm and amiable; and of course we have many natural beauties: beaches of sand in diverse colors: brown, gray, white, beige, pink of black shells. In short, you can choose the beach in which you want to be.In the North Pacific the beaches are most beautiful, the climate is very pleasant, sunny and drier. At Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande the sea turtles arrives to spawn. Playa Flamingo, Nosara, Samara, Graza, Montezuma are some of beaches of great beauty of the peninsula.


In the Central Pacific the most popular is the Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, an area protected next to the sea, with great diversity of fauna and flora. Playa Jacó only 2 hours from San José offers innumerable services of lodging, feeding and nightlife.

In the South Pacific the climate is more humid, with great amount of virgin forests that are interlaced with the sea. A pleasure for the tourist who looks for extensive deserted beaches and a direct contact with the nature. Corcovado National Park, Bay Drake and Golfito in the Peninsula de Osa are destinations for those who wishes the contact with the nature, the sea, the sun or enjoy fishing.

On the Atlantic side you will find Tortuguero, a forest of Amazonian style, with its channels filled with animal life and flora of paradisiacal exuberance and another place for the sea turtles to spawn. To the south on the Atlantic coast are the most visited beaches of this zone, Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, with all the flavor of the Caribbean in their meals, vegetation and style of life.

For those who do not wish to go to the beach, Costa Rica also has beautiful mountains and lots of volcanoes. The Irazú, one of the highest volcanoes, from whose crater in a clear day, both coasts can be observed: the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Poás volcano, with one of the greatest craters of the world offers a beautiful view from its top and the option to walk down its side to the lagoon. And of course most impressive, the Volcano Arenal, in total activity, located in the North zone. This imposing volcano, famous by its wonderful eruptions, is next to the Arenal Lagoon. The eruptions from this colossus can in clear nights, and from almost any near point, be observed as artificial fireworks. There are also the magnificent hot springs from where you some night can observe the Arenal sending luminous eruptions, while enjoying the relaxing hot water cascade with a drink in the hand. There are many great places to stay overnight, especially in La Fortuna. Does it sound like paradise?

Monteverde, a cloud forest, another of the much-visited destinations, just like the Park Braulio Carrillo, are some of the protected natural areas under the regime of the National Parks. These are some of the good reasons to visit Costa Rica and that has made us famous in the whole world.

As an alternative you can simply remain in the Central Valley, where it’s never cold, nor very hot, the temperature is warm and fresh throughout the year and from here you can plan your tours. There are more volcanoes, more beaches, more mountains and much more to see and to do in Costa Rica, but that is impossible to describe with few words. The best thing is to come and experience Costa Rica.