Scuba Diving in Caye Caulker

Scuba Diving in Caye Caulker

Belize is a dynamic destination for scuba divers. While Belize boasts have the second largest barrier reef in the world, but, the Belizean divers would argue, “The diving is second to none!”

The atolls near Glovers and Lighthouse Reef are a popular destination for scuba diving lovers. Here, you can visit the very popular Blue Hole and dive deep down a cylinder type dark hole, laden with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, formed over hundreds of years. It is reputed that some tour guides have been feeding chum to the sharks that inhabit this dive site. While some find the adrenaline rush of being 130 feet deep, practically nose to nose with deadly sharks, an exciting adventure, others threaten that the experience is too phenomenal for the average or amateur diver, especially those with a phobia for sharks! This dive is usually coupled with two other sites, one is called the Aquarium, and an aquarium it is, swarming with fish and coral of many colors and design! A beautiful, tranquil experience, far less provoking than the Blue Hole.

Anyone can dive, anyone that is, who does not have a fear of water, a tendency for claustrophobia, and any other medical reason that would forbid them from “going down under”.

Taking the scuba diving course in Caye Caulker, the most enchanting island in all Belize, costs approximately $250 US dollars. This 3-4 days course includes 6 exciting dives at and around the local reef.

Treasured Travels, the only travel agency on the island, represents all local dive shops and those reputable ones in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, as well. This would be the very best place to sign up for the course, as the price is the same as if you booked directly from the dive shops. However, it saves you the legwork of finding the one providing the course at the time of your stay. Enjoy the beach, the sea, the island, while someone else does the legwork for you. After all, we know the dive shops better than you ever will. We live here!