San Ignacio, Nature and Adventure

San Ignacio, Nature and Adventure

If you’re headed to Belize in search of adventure travel and eco-tours, one of your most promising destinations would be San Ignacio. Both charming and inexpensive, San Ignacio offers easy access to the Guatemalan border. This makes it an ideal stepping stone to some truly fabulous Mayan sites like Tikal, which is only about a 2 hour journey away. And even if San Ignacio is your only destination in Belize, you certainly won’t be disappointed. When you’re there, you’re only a stone throw from excitement and adventure.

Get Ready For Wild Adventures

If you’re looking for a vacation that leaves you feeling like Indiana Jones, San Ignacio has your name written all over it. River rafting, swimming, caving, hiking and exploring ancient Mayan ruins are just a few of the events that could decorate your itinerary. And the nearby Macal River is the lifeblood of it all.

For A More Laid Back Lifestyle

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for slightly less daring entertainment like horseback riding, canoeing and kayaking. And at the end of the day, when you’re famished and exhausted, there are plenty of local restaurants and hotels to sooth and nourish even the most weary adventurers.

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Just outside of San Ignacio, you’ll find one of the most popular wildlife preserves in all of Belize, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Established in 1944, this reserve is home to a wide array of birds, reptiles and other types of wildlife. One of its most prized residents is the elusive Acorn Woodpecker, which calls the forest home. During your visit to the reserve make sure to check out Baldy Beacon. This part of the reserve has soil so infertile that it can’t support tree growth (hence the name.) In fact, not only do trees have trouble there, the grass is so tough that sheep that used to graze the area would die of indigestion! It just seems so bizarre to find such a harsh landscape amidst so much lush vegetation!

Plan On Staying Awhile

Whether you’re just stopping in on your way to or from Guatemala, or planning a wild eco-adventure, you can’t go wrong in San Ignacio. Take time to explore the beauty, majesty and mystery of ancient Mayan ruins. Set out rafting with your family along the rapids of the Macal River. Explore the deep dark depths of cool, creepy caves. Hike through pristine forest in the nation’s most popular reserve.