Placencia for Beach and Nature Lovers

Placencia for Beach and Nature Lovers

Placencia is one of Belize’s fastest developing holiday destinations. It’s also one of the most laid back cities in the entire nation. Home to some sixteen miles of natural sandy beaches, mangrove fringed lagoons and coral-studded cayes, the city attracts hoards of water and diving enthusiasts. But nature lovers also flock to Placencia in droves, seeking out the lush jungle, exotic rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins and an incredibly diverse cultural experience.

Beach Bums & Other Ocean Enthusiasts

Placencia is also a great starting point if you’re hoping to explore Belize’s own barrier reef and its fascinating cayes (keys) during your stay. But regardless of whether you stay here or travel on, Placencia offers a myriad of ocean recreation opportunities such as diving, sailing, fishing and snorkeling. And if you’d prefer not to break a sweat, there are plenty of places to hang up a hammock and relax along the beach or at one of the many local resorts.

Exotic Eco-Tours

Placencia is also home to rainforest, jungle rivers and a vast array of exotic plant and wildlife. And just as there’s a lot of natural diversity in Placencia, it also abounds in cultural diversity. Many different peoples, both indigenous and not, share this space, such as the Garifuna, Creole and Maya. Add all of this diversity together and you’ve got one exciting eco-tour.

Whether you plan on kayaking, camping, hiking or setting out for one of the nearby ruins or wildlife reserves, there are fantastic local tour guides that will help you get the most from your explorations.

Attractive Attractions

If you’re an eco-tourist heading to Placencia, here are a few nearby destinations you won’t want to miss.

Mayan Ruins

Nearby, there are a few different Mayan ruins you can explore. The closest sites at hand are Lubaantum and Nim Li Punit. While not nearly as excavated as Altun Ha, there is still a great deal of history and treasures waiting to be unearthed. And you’ll find that these sites are a lot less crowded than the more popular Altun Ha.

The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

In Placencia, you’re also within close range of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s very first jaguar reserve. While jaguar spottings are still very rare, there are thousands of other local flora and fauna to discover.

Adventure Travelers

Eco-toursits have a close cousin, separated by their thrill-seeking addiction. We call them adventure travelers. Both eco-tourists and adventure travelers are often drawn to the same locations, but for starkly different reasons. While eco-tourists are in Placencia to seek and explore, adventure travelers head over in search of their next fix for adrenaline and thrill.

Whether they’re exploring the jungle canopy at dizzying heights or deep within the bowels of the earth in caves and caverns, you’ll find the same thing – fun and excitement. If you’re an adventure traveler seeking fun and danger in Placencia, there are plenty of brave, experienced tour guides in the area that can make it happen.